13.00–14.30 Free excursion in the Old Town of Tallinn by Maivi Kärginen-Kivi.

Tallinn is very famous for its beautiful medieval old town, that got it`s riches thanks to a Hanseatic trade. But what buildings, that we see today, are actually from the medieval period? This is what we are going to find out on this year’s tour.

We`ll start exploring the city from the old Medieval Seagate and on our way see a church that once had the tallest tower in Europe, guild houses where various representatives of medieval workers held there meetings and had parties, we`ll learn what’s left from once powerful medieval town castle and many more things.

On the way we`ll also talk a little bit of medieval culture in Tallinn – how people lived, what nationalities they belonged in, what was their main source of income, etc.

So join us on this tour to medieval times in our magical Old town!

(tour ends in front of New Year´s dinner place.)

14.30–17.00 New Year's Eve festive dinner (in Olde Hansa Restaurant, Old Town). During the dinner the musicians play medieval music and introduce the instruments of that time.

21.00–02.00 Milonga.