Kaia Hüva-Laiapea (Estonia)
“Selecting music at milongas is like preparing good food for body and soul. I can have a recipe and I always modify it by taking account specific appetite of people whom I am on this day with. My "food" can be a bit predictable and also includes some surprises. I always pay attention to harmonious balance between many different ingredients. Like experienced good chef who knows numerous small secrets to create good feeling. And dancers can every single time feel that this "food" is made with love.“

Tango DJ Igoris (Lithuania)

I love all tango music. In milongas I prefer to play music of Golden Era, although I am not categorical and tries to feel the interest of the dancing people. I was DJ-ing in Belarus, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland , Portugal, Russia, Spain and Ukraine in different Tango events. Looking forward to meeting you.

Marina Rusakova (Estonia) 
Originally from Estonia, Marina has been regularly DJ-ing in Tallinn since 2016 and has played at various milongas and events around Europe: in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Italy. Portugal. Being in love with traditional tango music she creates the atmosphere of trust and inspiration for dancers, giving to them diversity and energy.

Christian Beyreuther (Germany)

My passion for tango allows me to experience the development of tango at first hand for several years. I have been organising milongas and encuentros and travelling to nationally and internationally events as a Tango DJ and dancer. I gained my first DJ experiences in Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland and France at various Encuentros, Marathons and Millongas. My musical style is 100% traditional. I am looking forward to more exciting encounters. Tango is life and life is evolution!

Mauro Tdjmaurillo Volpato (Italy)
On me…
The main purpose of his evenings is to create a "musical environment full of energy" in which the dancers feel at ease.
His musical tastes are oriented to the traditional Tango of the 30s - 40s, better if sung, but in his baggage there is also the Tango of the 50 and beyond, careful to recognize the dominant preferences of the club and the track in order to satisfy them.
Alternation of fast and slow rhythm, alternation of melody rhythm trying to get a good wave, with an eye always attentive to the quality of the songs, are the elements that characterize his playlists always refined and sought after so much that it is a pleasure to dance on his selections to the point that you will not be able to sit still.
He met the Tango in 1996 starting to dance it, attending a group course and participating in the first pioneer milongas in Venice and Mestre, meeting teachers such as Alejandro Aquino, Roberto Herrera, Mariano Frumboli, Gustavo Naveira, Julio Balmaceda, Ernesto Carmona, Carlitos Espinoza, and many others.
He started his TDJ activity in 2000, and participated in the seminar for 'Musicalizador de Tango', held in Venice by the great Felix Picherna in 2001.
Since then he has continuously musicalized, in the major milongas of Northern and Central Italy and abroad, in Enquentros milongueri and Festivals, offering impeccable professionalism in evenings that are never "work" evenings but occasions to share his research and his in-depth study and study, in short, all his passion for Tango.
The passion for Tango music led him to know and attend the best of contemporary Tango formations such as El Arranque, Il Sexteto Canjengue, Color Tango, Trio Esquina, Sexteto Milonguero, La Romatica Milonguera, La Juan D ' Arienzo and many others.
Music has always been the red thread of his passion, as a musician he studied guitar and now piano.
He is a tango dancer who likes to dance and who likes to dance.


Ken Brown (USA) Pre-party on Thursday, December 29. 20.00–23.00
Ken’s favorite saying is: “I feel in love with the music first; then I learned how to dance”.
With Ken’s love of tango music he begun a quest that lead to the creation of the workshop “Musicality and the Brain” which is a journey on how music affects the brain and how it effects your dance. Ken has been teaching this for over a decade and brings this knowledge to his DJ style, Ken is currently the House DJ for one of the oldest running Milonga in Seattle, WA. Ken is known for listening to and playing for the crowd. Not believing in a playlists, he chooses his music on the fly by the energy created by the dancers in the room. You will often see him standing to feel the music and sense the crowd during the Milonga. Ken has traveled all over the United States and Internationally DJing at different Milonga’s and dancing. Being a person who practices what he preaches, you will always find Ken looking for ways to improve his dance and his DJing. Winner of the 2019 ATUSA Senior Salon and 5th place in the Tango de Pista, Ken keeps broadening his Tango Horizon’s by traveling to Europe Encuentro’s.

Hector Espinosa (UK/Mexico) After-party on Monday, January 2nd. 20.00–23.00...

I’m originally from Mexico, now living in the UK. Resident DJ in our own milongas that are run with my partner in the Wiltshire area. We like to dance and love to see people enjoying and dancing the music that I play. DJing at different UK events, Denmark, Mexico and local UK milongas now I will be looking forward to share my music with you.