DJ Igoris (Lithuania, Vilnius) 
I love all tango music. In milongas I prefer to play music of Golden Era, although I am not categoricaland tries to feel the interest of the dancing people. I was DJ-ing in Belarus,Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands,Poland , Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine in different Tango events.
Looking forward to meeting you.
DJ Henry Viiret (Estonia, Haapsalu)
I am fascinated by the stories behind Tango.
Background stories, culture, and history providing tools for deeper feeling, understanding, and interpreting Tango music.
We tell our stories through dancing.
The golden age music unites our stories into one.
Dj Misha (Latvia, Riga)
Dj Maret Värk (Estonia, Tallinn)
Seriously in tango from 2008. I have not made playing tango music a science so expect passion and nothing but passion. And some refreshing cortinas.
Dj Patrick Demars (France, Quaix en Chartreuse)
I hope to enhance couples' fun and emotions with my choice of music in their shared experience
of milonga.
My own pleasure is to swirl them on a musical wave of the 30s and 50s mostly. As for sung tango, I
like to choose voices that groove the lyrics.
A large part of my musical collection is HD to guarantee top sound quality.
Tango "musicalizador" for over 12 years (Francia, Europa and Uruguay).

Pre-party Dj Julio Robles Morell (Spain, Granada)
Julio Robles encountered tango in 1996, first as a dancer and two years later he began to create music.
As a Tango dancer, in 2005 he and Juana García were semi-finalists in the Tango World Cup in Buenos Aires.
As a scholar of Tango music, together with Juana García he is the author of the work published on YouTube “Los Ritmos del Tango”. As a musician, he began in 1998 at the Milonga del Café Continental, until 2022, with traditional music, using the best Orchestras of the “Golden Age”.
An expert knowledgeable of the different rhythmic variations of the orchestras, styles and evolution of tango, he combines his experience as a dancer and teacher with this knowledge of the history of tango to play the most appropriate music at each moment of the milonga.

After-party Dj Mark Dy-Liacco (USA, Chicago)
Mark Dy-Liacco started DJing in 2009, after his first trip to Buenos Aires exposed him to the depth and variety of Golden Age tango. His goal in putting together tandas is to inspire people to dance the entire evening. His music typically includes tango classics ranging from the 1930s to 1950s. Besides DJing in the US he has DJ'd at milongas in various cities abroad, including Montreal, Berlin, Seoul, Hong Kong, Milan, and Buenos Aires.