12.30–14.00 Free excursion in the Old Town of Tallinn by Maivi Kärginen-Kivi.

Naughty Tallinn

Medieval houses in the nighttime – dim light shines from the gated inner courtyard. Faint music and laughter of people can be heard from the distance. What mysteries do these ancient city streets hide?
This year the topic of the city tour is naughty Tallinn. We learn how people entertained themselves through different times – where did people go dancing in the medieval period? Were bars and brothels allowed in the First Estonian Republic time? Were there any “ladies of the night” (or gentlemen). Was tango considered proper in the beginning of 20th century Estonia?
And of course, we will not forget to introduce the guy who was such a ladies’ man, that he admired them actively even in the afterlife at the somewhat unexpected place.
Let’s discover the secrets of Tallinn Old Town together!
This year gathering place is near the Fat Margareths tower (Paks Margareeta) at Pikk street 70.

Maivi Kärginen-Kivi is a historian, museum worker and a guide, who is born in Tallinn and knows it`s every secret. The most prominent people that she has introduced history are Swedish Crown Princess and President of Estonia (2018). From 2017 she also started special tours for tango people and has researched about tango history in Estonia, that culminated in article in 2021. As much as she loves history, she also loves tango, as together with her husband they have a local tango salon, where weekly milongas are held. And as a fun fact she also has the biggest collection of Barbie dolls in Estonia.

14.00–16.30 New Year's Eve festive dinner in Olde Hansa Restaurant.

21.00–02.30 Milonga. Tango Dj Igoris (Lithuania)
Break at 00:00 for champagne and sweets.
00:20–00:30 Group photo of the participants from the New Year 2023/24