The maximum number of participants is about 120. We reserve the right to stop the registration of women/men and participants from some countries to maintain a gender-balance and balance between countries.
ALL single followers are placed on a waiting list until the moment we can create a couple.
To ensure good dancing level we may also put some couples and single men in the waiting list.
Most probably we will not be able to respond favorably to all registrations because of the limitation of available places.
Please note that this event is only for close-embrace (no nuevo and open-embrace is welcomed).

MILONGA PASS includes:

* Entrance in the encuentro’s 5 milongas from December 30th, 2023 to January 1st, 2024.

* Water, light snacks during the milongas
* Excursion on Friday in the Old Town of Tallinn

Entrance to the pre- and after-party milongas are not encluded!

FESTIVE DINNER on December 31st & DINNER(S) on December 30th (and on January 1st) ARE NOT INCLUDED! Information about dinners later.