Kaia Hüva-Laiapea (Tallinn, Estonia)

“Selecting music at milongas is like preparing good food for body and soul. I can have a recipe and I always modify it by taking account specific appetite of people whom I am on this day with. My "food" can be a bit predictable and also includes some surprises. I always pay attention to harmonious balance between many different ingredients. Like experienced good chef who knows numerous small secrets to create good feeling. And dancers can every single time feel that this "food" is made with love.“

Luis Cono (Chile / Sweden)

"I have lived for many years in the city of Malmo. I work with tango as an organizer and as a Tdj. I am a traditional milonguero. I like to improvise all the tandas directly in the milonga with a lot of energy in The cortinas . Going back to Tallin will be a nice inspiration. Much tango, many memories."

Marina Russakova (Tallinn, Estonia)

Originally from Estonia, Marina has been regularly DJ-ing in Tallinn since 2016 and has played at various milongas and events around Europe:

in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Italy. Portugal. Being in love with traditional tango music she creates the atmosphere of trust and inspiration for dancers, giving to them diversity and energy.

Michal el Monje (Poland)

He is the founder of the Tanga Theater and Casa Buena in Poznań. He plays milongas, marathons, encuentro and festivals in Spain, Italy, Germany, UK Britain. He had the honor of playing two famous milongas in Buenos Aires at El Obelisco and Maldita Milonga.

He says about his passion for DJing: "For me, tango is always dancing music. Songs that do not have a dance potential will not be included in my tandas - they are good for listening or preparing choreographies. I would love to dance on the dance floor in exactly this order, all the songs I play. because the DJ in the milonga is in dialogue with the dancers - this is an exchange of energy - always unique, just as each milonga is unique. I love the dynamics of D'Arienzo and Echague from the '30s, the romanticism of Di Sarli from the' 50s and fullness Troilo and Calo sounds. Playing milongas, I create a story with Tanguer @ s, a story that happens here and now. Although I play traditionally, if that is the energy, I weave contemporary performances of orchestras such as Romantica Milonguera or Sexteto Milonguero. for the coherence of the songs in each duo - thematic and emotional. The challenge for me was to play the encuentro in Spain, where everyone on the dance floor understood the words or the context of a given song. cam give every DJ such an experience. My favorite time in marathons is the night when the dance floor is "warm" and when I can choose my music so that it is full to the last tandy. " 

He runs a tango school, a regular "el abrazo" milonga, organizes the festivals: Tango Barocco, Ocho Pasos, marathons: La Endorfina and Carnavalito and the encuentro milonguero "La Mirada".