• Where to stay
There are many nice hotels in Tallinn. We suggest to find the best offers from:
However prices for the New Year are quite high. Based on our experience, we recommend to look for  apartments on https://www.airbnb.com/ where you can find places both to stay alone or in big groups – even for up to 15–20 people for very acceptable prices. And the quality of the apartments is really good!

For your comfort we will create a Facebook group for registered people where we can offer you some solutions and help, and you can contact each other to share some apartments.

  • Transportation
You are welcome to arrive in Tallinn by plane, bus, train or boat.
For Schengen visa information, contact the site http://www.schengenvisainfo.com/estonia-visa/

When in Tallinn, you can use public transportation – bus, tram, tolleybus – or enjoy walking though the beautiful
medieval Old Town. For public transportation maps, timetables, ticket information, see here: https://www.tallinn.ee/eng/Public-transport-timetables

However, it is advisable to buy a reloadable Tallinn "Green Card" (Smartcard) for 2 €, without the need to personalise it. You can either load money or e-tickets to it (over the Internet or at the R-kiosks). Once you return the card, the 2 EUR will be refunded to you.
With one Card a maximum of 6 tickets (persons) can be validated at a time.
More information about the card and how to use it can be found here. https://www.tallinn.ee/eng/pilet/
When using the Card, the fare prices will be as follows https://www.tallinn.ee/eng/pilet/

Another option is to use the QR-ticket (1 ride – 1.50 €). You can purchase it online or with the mobile app Pilet.ee. You can purchase up to 10 rides onto your QR-ticket. You can also share them with your friends and family. First, validate your ride, then choose the number of extra rides to be purchased using the arrows, then press OK and swipe your QR-ticket again. When in transport, use the front door validator with the QR-scanner.

  • Transporation + Sightseeing
The Tallinn Card is a sightseeing pass which gives you:
* Free entry to over 40 top attractions and museums
* Free travel on public transport
* Discounts to sightseeing tours, activities, shops and restaurants
* With Tallinn Card PLUS you also get free entry to the hop-on hop-off buses.